Everytime and everything are opportunity for growth in the life.
I teach yoga according to the flow of each change of women’s life.

Pregnancy Yoga
Mother and Baby Yoga
Well woman Yoga
Toddlers & children (2- 6 years)
Individual one-to-one Hatha yoga
Daddy and Baby Yoga workshop

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Pregnancy Yoga

〜Introspect your body and mind, and leave the rest to nature〜
Childbirth is a mystical act that creates a soul that had resided in your body. It is a big role to become a mother! Yoga helps make that a precious experience more positive. You will work on your body and mind so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to childbirth.

One of the pleasures of teaching maternity yoga is to see a pregnant women gradually gaining confidence. Every time I hear from many mothers that the breathing techniques and movements they practiced during maternity yoga have helped their childbirth and that they had an easy birth, it always remind me the effectiveness of yoga.

~Main physical effects~
Through maternity yoga, you can revive your body that you didn't know much about before. Getting to know your body is something everyone enjoys, and it is a necessary part of a birth that uses your body to the fullest.

It is still not well known, not only the breech baby but also baby’s position in the womb is related to the length of birth. The baby chooses the best possible position within the mother's womb. When the baby is in the best position and the jaw is tucked in, the baby will drop and the cervix will be more dilated, making labor easier. For that reason, the mother's pelvis, pelvic floor muscles and overall body balance is one of the important factors. In the maternity yoga class, we focus on the optimal position of the baby and poses to prepare the body for a smooth birth.

By doing Maternity yoga regularly you will relieves back pain, swelling, shortness of breath and insomnia which are common during pregnancy. It will also help you live your life skilfully controlling symptoms such as pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy that interfere with daily life.

When yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation become a routine, childbirth will flow naturally and you will be better able to ride the waves of labor. We have received many responses from mothers who practiced yoga during pregnancy saying "breathing really helped with labor pains!”

~ Main mental effects ~
Our body and mind are related to each other. This is clearly visible during childbirth, and the feelings of mother have a great influence on the flow of childbirth. Anxiety and fear in pregnant women may delay or even stop labor. During pregnancy, there are many changes and the body and mind are sensitive, so yoga that works on the mind and body is even more useful. When you get used to facing yourself, you will be able to hear the voice of your mind and body as it is. Furthermore, you will lean to be more accepting and open-minded. Not only are there changes during pregnancy, biggest changes in life is during childbirth! The self-acceptance is an important factor for women who wish natural flow of childbirth. Yoga will help to be able to find a sense of self-reliance and trust in yourself.

Breathing and emotional movement are closely connected. When you're angry or impatient your breathing becomes faster however on the contrary your breathing becomes regular and smooth when you're relaxed. In maternity yoga you learn to pay attention to your breathing. It also moves the life energy that flows through the body at the same time. It has been medically said that the mental state of a pregnant woman affects the growth of the baby. You will be able to regulate the various emotional fluctuations during childbirth to a stable emotion as much as possible.

Giving birth is an instinct, as it is said to be animalistic. However, humans have knowledge and wisdom. In yoga, it is said that unless you take action, nothing will change and you will not be able to acquire knowledge. Each person gain knowledge and make sense of the acquired knowledge before the actual birth, that is a one of the part of the maternity yoga that I do. During the actual birth, the mother accepts what is and follows her instincts. The key to a smooth birth is to focus on what you need to do and leave the rest and you just move forward instinctively.

Maybe your birth doesn't turn out the way you expected. There is nothing good or bad about the act of “giving birth' itself. Fact is, making judgments about what is good and bad is yourself. Just concentrate on `”doing what you can do right now.'' Just as our unborn children have their own souls, the realisation of the “Great Power'' that there are some things you cannot be answered with your body and mind alone. The awareness of it will be a blessing from pregnancy to childbirth and throughout life. Childbirth is a great opportunity for growth!

Everyone is welcome. Beginners who have never done yoga before, those who have back pain or pelvic pain can also participate the lesson.

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Words from mums who practice yoga

★It helped massively during pregnancy, keeping me active and to the last day I felt very energized, with no pain, and in a great shape to go through labour (and feel confident to do so). I noticed that I recovered quickly too, and my physio told me my abs had been very efficient and back into shape instantly, and my pelvis completely closed. The yoga massively contributed to this.

★Yoga definitely helped with the aches and pains of pregnancy and now postpartum my body is feeling very strong and I think part of that is because I practiced yoga during pregnancy.


Mama & Baby Yoga/Postnatal class

Small baby class (6 weeks to until baby crawling)
Big baby class (Baby start to move around)

~Deepening the bond between you and your child while recovering your body ~
The body after giving birth is loose and damaged more than you think. Your pelvis will feel different to before, and your pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles will also feel different from before giving birth. In addition, holding the baby and breastfeeding will make the mother lean forward, tilt her neck forward and use her wrists more than usual. Postnatal yoga is to gradually move the body and focus on any pain carefully that has changed after the birth. In fact, this time is a unique opportunity to re-correct yourself. You will effectively recover the body by doing poses and breathing methods.

Taking care of your baby is the newest experience especially for the first-time mum. By learning how to hold and handle a baby while doing yoga, you can make many discoveries “If I do it like this, my baby will be cackling!” . You will become more sensitive to your baby's body and feelings and gain confidence in raising your baby and deepen the bond between you and your baby.

~ Cultivate the mindset of "Don't worry about it" ~
Postnatal mothers are particularly prone to comparisons, like "the grass on the other side is greener". Any information from other mums would be greatly appreciated. However, it is also tiring to be swayed by the words and deeds around you too much. Also, if you compare your child with other children, you may end up feeling superiority or inferiority more than necessary, such as rolling over, standing, language, toilet training, etc. Everyone has their own phase. It is important to focus on raising your child healthily without comparison. That's the postnatal yoga effect of accepting your feelings as they are. Give yourself time to focus on yourself and your baby, time to have fun and relax with your baby, and ease your mind when it's most needed in your life.

〜Baby’s satisfaction〜
Give your baby a lot of fun stimulation, such as moving without difficulty, massaging, singing, and lifting up. These stimuli, which you would never think of or do when you were at home, encourage the baby's growth and stimulate the intestines so they greatly aid digestion. Also, babies who are comfortably moved by their mothers will feel deeply satisfied and smile. Seeing my child laughing is lovely, isn't it?

~ When the baby starts walking ~
When the baby become about 7.8 months, you can feel that the your body gradually has come back. This is also the time when it becomes difficult to take more time for yourself because your baby start moving around. Big baby postnatal Yoga is the precious place and time to look at your body and mind returning to yourself during the class.

~ Fun even after giving birth ~
The class has a very friendly and fun atmosphere. It is also ideal for exchanging opinions between mothers and making new friends. At any time during the lesson, you can do nappy changing, breastfeeding, and soothing your baby accordion to their needs.

It is great to see mothers who was afraid to interact with her baby in her first class gain the confidence with each class.

Everyone is welcome.
You can participate even if you have no yoga experience. Babies can participate from 6 weeks to 2 years old.

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Well-Woman Yoga
〜Specialised Woman

~ Accepting changes in your body and get along well ~
Well woman yoga is intended for women's health and quality of life. During the 5 years before and after menopause, the hormonal balance is disrupted, and when estrogen, one of the hormones, drops sharply after the age of 40. Many women experience noticeable changes in their bodies. For example, there are many menopausal symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, sweating, hot flashes, stiff shoulders, joint pain, headache, palpitations, fatigue, loss of memory, insomnia, depression, emotional instability, vaginal dryness, and pain during sexual intercourse. As it is the time of change it is important and a great time to face your body and mind consciously.
One of the effect of yoga is to become beautiful without knowing it. By exercising the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, and other muscles in the body in detail, you will become supple and strong, and your style will definitely improve. Asana and Pranayama are said to have the effect of activating the secretion of female hormones. By continuing, you will be able to deal well with changes in your body and mind.

〜Deepening Yoga〜
Once you become more aware of your body, you can go deeper into yourself through yoga. By learning correct posture and breathing and incorporating what you learned in class into your life, you will be able to understand more clearly not only your own body and mind, but also your relationship with the world around you. As you continued your body and mind became more relaxed through Asana and Pranayama, and you may also develop interest in yoga philosophy and feel comfortable of “just be yourself”.

The average life expectancy of Japanese women is now 87.57 years old and UK woman is 82.6 years old. And the average age of menopause forJapanese women is 50.5 years old and Uk is 51 years old. If we accept the reality, life after menopause is still long! Make use of yoga in your life so that you can enjoy the time after menopause.Exploring yourself while ageing comfortably and attractively is an important element of Well woman yoga. 

Everyone is welcome.
Beginners who have never done yoga before, and regardless of age can participate. If you have a physical disorder or chronic pain,
please contact me at first.

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Toddler Yoga ( 2 to
6 years old)

-Bring out the infinite possibilities-
Children love to move their bodies and they can naturally develop flexibility, strength and coordination while enjoying it. Playing is an important factor for children, connecting Yoga with play and have fun with them. The simple breathing and meditation will help their concentration, calm their emotions, positive thinking and self-expression. Each children has many potentials to manifest in this world. Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation to manifest children’s individual potentialities

What I learn from children by teaching in nursery and after school, is that they are always looking at their own parents especially at the beginning of life. It becomes a habit to do good and bad every day. Therefore, as it is parents roles to give their children what they want, Yoga is not only useful for children but also for you to look at yourself.

Currently I am teaching a nursery and an extra curriculum for after school. Please feel free to contact to me.

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Daddy and Baby Yoga / Family Yoga

-Time to have plenty of contact with your baby-
A busy father can interact with his baby for just one hour, which will deepen the bond between the father and baby and they will allow fathers to participate in parenting with confidence. At the same time it will help him to maintain a healthy physical condition, which is usually lacking during work, and also make him feel better both physically and mentally. It;s a fun class with lots of laughter! I do it on request.

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All of Yoga classes above are held in class system, but I am
also offering in private lesson. Please contact me more detail.


What is Yoga?

Why do we practice yoga? Many people may be wonder. “Is it because I'm pregnant and it is recommended? "Because postnatal recovery will be faster?" "Because it's fashionable?"

〜What we can do now〜
Those who are mothers right now may not be able to take care of themselves because of children, husbands and household responsibilities. Some of you may also be working. If you are currently pregnant, your baby your future, your job, your family, and various other roles that may sometimes make you feel like you have a lot on your plate. Yoga is a very useful tool to understand yourself whilist doing all kinds of things, and realise "what is important to you now". The past can never be brought back. While also a minute ahead of time cannot be 100% determined.

〜Purpose of Yoga〜
The purpose of yoga is to explore “Who am I?” This question may bump into one’s life. You may not be thinking about it right now. Of course people who have just been born and those who are about to die have different feelings about "I" in their lives. Additionaly, there are many differences depending on the country and environment in which you were born and raised in. Still, in this journey of life from birth to death, what is common to all human beings around the world is that we are here now. This has no changed, whether be now and past. Yoga is a practice that has been handed down from many generations of of yoga practitioners who explored, practiced, enlightened and obtained the “true happiness” that everyone in the world desires. “Who am I?” is a very short sentence, but there is no doubt that it contains a infinite meaning even though it is so simple.

〜Asana (movement) and Pranayama (movement of life energy with breathing)〜
The first thing you experience when you practice yoga is the exhilaration after you move your body. As you continue, your physical condition improves, chronic pain such as shoulders and lower back become easier, weight will drop and you feel refreshed and free from illness. Also, you feel calm and secure. It is the first stage of yoga that helps you practice the definition of asana, "Sthira sukam asanam" = "comfortable and stable posture". The purpose of yoga is never to be able to do difficult poses. Being able to do complete poses is a good way to motivate yourself to continue practicing yoga, However, too much attachment to the body hinders the progress of yoga. The goal is not to improve the ego and “become” the real thing, but to “be” the real thing after everything has disappeared. Just like when the cherry blossoms fall when the time comes, the body is also limited for a limited time.

〜Yama and Niyama〜
Yoga is Yamas and Niyamas. Yamas and Niyamas represent the actions we take to live in harmony with others, and the actions we take to live comfortably for ourselves.

★Yama (*Nonviolence *Truthfulness *Non-stealing *Chastity *Non-greed) is a way to live with others.

★Niyama (*Cleanliness *Contentment *Discipline *Study of the scriptures *Surender to higher self) is what you do to yourself.

〜「Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha」The definition of yoga; calms the mind〜
About 2,000 years ago, yoga came to be taught systematically. That is the "Patanjali Yoga Sutra". The Eight Limbs of Yoga, Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayamas, Pratyaharas, Dharanas, Dhyanas and Samadhis are written down. Those interested in yoga practice this eight-limb practice. And the definition of yoga in it is written as "calming the mind". "To calm the mind" is to stop thinkina dn controls the senses. By bringing stillness to the five senses that you think of you as yourself by blindly, you true self wiil emerge and deepen your understanding of yourself. The practice of yoga is to be able to see your body and mind from a bird's eye view.

The purpose of our existence is to mature our souls. This spiritual growth continues until we die. You can abandon your duties and roles (dharma), but what is important is how you grow through them.

People often change when they get hit with a problem. There may be various worries and problems in front of you, and sometimes they may be painful. You may feel abandoned by everything, feel lonely or afraid, and want to run away. However, what happens in the real world is an opportunity for you to evolve. We tend to deny ourselves or get caught up in the past, causing opportunities for unnecessary thoughts and emotions arise. At times like these, it's important to look at yourself from a bird's-eye view and face the present. Otherwise, you will fall into a negative chain and repeat this time and time again. We re-learn the idea of grounding, a place without a plus or minus and wisdom by learning yoga holistically.

At first, you will face with the truth about your body and sensations, and the negative parts of your mind, such as thoughts and emotions, and the habit of giving in to your ego. It's up to you whether you want to constantly react to your thoughts and feelings and hold on to memories and pain you don't need. Or let them go. The goal of yoga is to understand the self/ego, which is like a name tag, and to discover the “Self'' that can be understood by letting go of the “ego’'.

You will naturally understand that what is happening now and the people involved are actually meant to help you realise your true self, so your suffering will fade and you will be filled with gratitude. Individuals will be able to become aware, awaken, and demonstrate their true potential. Don't worry if life still feels like a fog. Be honest with yourself, accept what happens each moment and simply do the best you can at each moment without running away or looking for results- relaxed and at ease!

~Beyond time and space~
You will become aware of things that come and go, like bubbles, and you will be able to feel comfortable in your true self like the eye of a typhoon, unaffected by anything. From the separated state of left and right, up and down, inside and out, we understand our centre, a point that does not wave in either direction, that is real. What would happen if we looked at the world from the perspective of the eternal zero point? The essence of yoga is to remember "IT" one day.

~Individual Self and Oneness SELF~
As a person grows spiritually, their understanding of individual (self) and oneness (SELF) deepens, and we begin to realise love for humanity. When individual is fully understood that true understanding is alise. On the huge platform of puzzle called "Universe", each individual pieces of "I" fit perfectly! Further more, sense of "I" will disappear.

People who acknowledged their own role, become aware of it, and realise that the growth of those around them is exactly the same as their own growth, they will be able to share the understanding beyond words.

I practice Yoga bringing the wisdom of 5,000-year-old into everyday life. I am striving to convey "to get closer to yourself" thorough yoga according to each person's pace and purpose of the time.


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