What is Yoga?

-Asana (movement) & Pranayama (breathing and movement of Prana)-
Nowadays, not only in India the birthplace of Yoga, but many people around the world are practicing Yoga.There must be a reason to this. The first thing you will feel after Yoga is the exhilaration and comfort. Then as you continue, you will feel better, your chronicle pain in the shoulders and lower back will ease, and you will not be approached with any illness. You will also feel calm and have a sense of security by looking away from the busy world and focus on your body and mind. This is the first step towards Yoga, Asana and Pranayama’s positive effects. This is reflected on the definition of Yoga Asana
"Sthira Sukham Asham” (Asana is comfortable and steady).

-Yama and Niyama-
When it comes to Yoga, you may have only thought of Asana and Pranayama but Yoga also has a wide range of practices, such as eating, cleansing, concentrating and meditation. In fact the Yama and Niyama is the way of life and foundation of Yoga practice. Yama and Niyama are a moral essential sense that we need, to live in peace and to keep to not disturb the harmony.

Yama; Ahimsa (non-harming), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing) Brahmacharya (Wise use of energy) & Aparigraha (non possessiveness)
It is the actions to do.

Niyama; Saucha (purification), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (austerity), Svadhyaya (self study), Ishavara pranidhana (contemplation of the divine)
It is the mental action to do.

-“Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” Definition of Yoga, removing the fluctuation of the mind-
In Yoga we practice living with Yama and Niyama as we practice postures and breathing to prepare our bodies and train one’s mind. The purpose of Yoga is to know your true self, remove the wondering of the mind [Chitta Vritti Nirodha], and to connect the smaller self and the bigger self. This is the brief definition of Yoga. Yama-Niyama-Asana-Pranayama-Pratyahara-Dharana-Dhyana-Samadhi. the 8 limbs of Yoga was written by Patanjali about 2500 years ago. It is the practice of Yoga to carry out there eight limbs to try and purify the body and thought.

-Yoga makes true person-
Doesn’t anyone seek safety and happiness? Everyone desire goodness deep down. Everyone desires to be free whether they know it or not. Freedom is the realization that the consciousness towards the divine and themselves are the same. We should also recognise that we are eternal, endless and fulfilled because we are the manifestation of the Divine. Divinity may sound special, but it simply means the discovery of holiness in oneself and seeing holiness in others and in nature at first. Yoga is the tasks of unleashing all the limits of suffering and sadness, anxiety, fear, ignorance and and heading for the true person.

-Do what you can do now-
Those who are just become mothers and those who have are going to be mothers will have to take care of various things! You may not be able to think about yourself. You may feel like you are falling apart from time to time, thinking of yourself, work, family and responsibilities.To balance these is Yoga. It is a straight road that should be taken, not to the right or to the left. Do what you can do now, that is all.

-Giving time to not think-
Yoga is to remove the wondering nature of the mind. If you make time to not think, the mind will calm down without the distraction of emotions and thoughts. 「I tried to look at the keys that fell the bottom of the sea, but I could’t see them because the wave were moving too much and the water was moving, but when the waves were completely quiet, I could see the keys clearly at the bottom of the sea. “ This is an expression used by Yogis and saints often. The truth appears naturally when the wondering heat becomes calm and quiet.

-Life in harmony-
Looking at your ego/self is understanding the good and bad, like and dislike, the role of yourself because you are living here and now. While noticing that, look for yourself which is different from the name tag. Everything may be about you but what will be left is true yourself. When practicing 8 limbs of Yoga, the five senses will go to yourself, not just outside. Gradulaly the real Self will be iilluminated. Then you will be able to escape from the temporary pleasure and enjoy the bliss of complete peace. It is to keep contuning Self-inquiry.

-Purpose of Yoga-
Yoga is to practice purifying the ego/self by yourself. It is not Yoga's purpose to be able to do difficult poses. It is good to be able to do poses, which can be one’s motivation to keep Yoga up, but too much obsession may hinder your Yoga progress. The purpose is not to "improve" the ego and become "Self" but to remain "being" only after everything is gone. Just like cherry blossoms falling as season change, i is good idea to keep in mind that your body will eventually disappear as well.

With the desire to make use of 5000 years of traditional Yoga wisdom, I try to instruct each person to practice Yoga at their own pace and need. Traditional yoga has always been something I have been searching and there is no doubt that I will continue to improve my wisdom.

Pregnancy Yoga
Mother and Baby Yoga
Well woman Yoga
Hatha yoga
Toddlers & children (2- 6 years)
Individual one-to-one
Daddy and Baby Yoga workshop

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Please read the following for each Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

-Balance your body and let the nature help you-
The mysterious act of giving birth to the soul that resides in you body is not just becoming a mother but the rebirth of women. And to make this valuable experience positive, Yoga will help and support this. When you experience the natural action of birth, you will experience the new emotion of motherhood from the bottom of your heart and will be able to enjoy raising your child happily.

Seeing pregnant women seriously engaging in Yoga gradually becoming more confident, berings me the joy and excitement of teaching Pregnancy Yoga. And whatever mothers report the benefits of breathing and movements practicing Yoga lessons helps the mothers giving giving birth, I once again feel the positive effect of Yoga.

-Main physical effects for prengancy Yoga-
It is not known by a lot that the baby’s position, 360 degrees with mother’s womb is also related to the length of the birth. The Baby chooses the best position within the available space within the mother’s womb. When the baby is in the optimal position with the chin tucked in, the cervix will open and smooth birth will take place. That’s why the balance around the pelvis will become an important role for mothers.

Common ailments during pregnancy such as backaches, swelling, shortness of breath and insomnia will relieve. In addition, you will be able to control symptoms such as pain at the pubic symphysis.

When Yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation become second nature. Childbirth will follow the natural flow smoothly and you will be able to handle and control the flow of labour pains. As I mentioned before, I have received many reports from mothers who were doing yoga during Pregnancy that “breathing was very helpful during labour!”

-Main mental effects for prengancy Yoga-
Our body and our mind are related to each other. This is clearly proven during childbirth, and the feeling of pregnant women has a great role during childbirth. If a pregnant woman feels anxious or fretful, it may lead to prolonged or stopped childbirth. During pregnancy, there are many changes and sensitivity to the mind and body which Yoga can help with. You will become more confident in facing yourself and you will be able to understand the subtle movements of your body and mind while listening to your inner voice. Furthermore, you will expand your acceptance and capacity. Being self-accepting and being able to find comfort in yourself is an important factor for a woman who will give birth and will lead to a natural flow.

Breathing and emotional movement are closely linked. When you are angry or impatient, your breathing is faster, and when you are relaxed, your breathing is regular and smooth. With Yoga, you will learn to focus on your breathing and your mind at the same time. While breathing, you will be able to keep yourself in good shape during the various emotional movement in pregnancy and childbirth.

Medically it has been shown that the physical and mental condition of pregnant woman can affect the growth of the baby. Relaxing and meditation during pregnancy and a good harmony between the mother has a positive effect on the fetus.

Beginners who have never practiced Yoga, as well as those who have backache or pelvic pain are welcome to the class.

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Testimonial for pregnancy class

-Attending and practicing yoga was helpful during pregnancy for me to relax and also readjust my body. It also reminded myself the importance of breathing whilst in labour which
was a great help. (FK Portlandl)

-Yoga was a fundamental aspect for pregnancy and labour. During pregnancy, it calmed me and awaken my baby and my body. The breathing practice, in particular, lead to a happy labour. No fancy breathing was necessary, just “in and out, in and out,” slowly and deeply, And in no time our son was born. (FO UCL)

-Yoga really calmed me during pregnancy and I think was a strong contributor to my healing post birth. I was practicing even during the early labour phases and it really gave me focus and inner strength. Breathing also helped tremendously during birth. (YC Royal Free)

-I had a pain in my tail bones during pregnancy but when I started yoga, the pain disappeared. I had no backache or other body pain until I gave birth, and I continued to work standing until 2 weeks before my 34 weeks of pregnancy. I think I was able to overcome this with the help of Yoga. (HH Queen Charlottes)


Mama & Baby Yoga & Postnatal class

Little Baby yoga (Baby from 6 weeks after the birth to the baby moving)
Big baby Yoga (Baby start moving vigorously)

-Bond between mother and baby while toning the body birth-
After giving birth, a woman’s body finished a big business more than you think. The pelvis feels it is moving, the pelvic floor muscles are lower and abdominal muscles feels different to what it was like before pregnancy. By holding and breastfeeding, mother have to do unusual poses and movement more ofter, for example leaning forward and moving the wrist in different ways. Post natal Yoga allows you to move the body that has changed significantly after pregnancy gradually and comfortably. In fact, this is a unique opportunity to correct your body.

It is also one of the significant time that you take care of another person who is different from you. The characteristic of Mother and Baby Yoga is to build up the relationship between the Baby and Yourself little by little, and to deepen the bond.

-Effects for postnatal Mum-
You will be able to recover your body safely and effectively by performing the special Yoga poses and breathing techniques that are suitable for your body after childbirth. If you are new to babies, you maybe scared and don’t know what to do. Be learning how to hold your baby and how to handle it, there are various discoveries such as "I can do like this!” , “If I do this, the baby will be happy!”. It will make you more sensitive to your body and feeling, and gives you more confidence in raising your baby.

It is very important to rest your body and mind at the most needed time of you life. At the end of the class, you will have the time to relax with your baby, alleviate any sleep deprivation that often occurs after childbirth, and bring harmony to your body and mind. You can see that the mother’s body gradually revived when the baby is about 7, 8 months old. It is at this time that you can have more fun with your moving baby, but it is more difficult to take your time. The big baby Yoga/Postnatal yoga is the only place and time to concentrate on yourself during the class.

-Effects for postnatal Baby-
It give your baby a lot of fun stimulation, such as effortless movement, massage and singing, which you wouldn’t normally think of if you were at home. These helps your baby grow and also help intestines to aid digestion.

A baby that is comfortably moved by the mother can have a deep feeling of satisfaction. Therefore I often hear from mothers that their babies go to deep and long sleep after the Yoga class.

-Fun during postnatal-
The class is very friendly and fun. It is also an opportunity to exchanging opinions between mothers and making new friends. During the lesson, nappy changing, breastfeeding or treating your baby as required is free to do so.

You can participate every classes even if you have no Yoga experience.
Babies can join from 6 weeks to about 2 years old.

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Specialised Woman - Well-Woman Yoga

-Accepting physical changes and dealing well-
This class is intended for the lifelong health and quilt of life (QOL) for women. Due to various physical changes throughout your life, you may have poor physical condition and emotional ups and downs. Asana and Pranayama has the positive effect of activation the secretion of female hormones not only on the outer surface but also on the inner surface, and they also adjust the condition of the body, so you will be able to positively deal with the changes in your body and mind.

The effect of Yoga is noticing your body without realising it. By training the muscles in the body, including the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles you will become a supple body and you will eliminate excess fat and definitely improve your physical body. By boosting your metabolism and excreting toxins in you body, you will naturally feel fresh.

As you become more cautions of your body in class, you will go deeper into yourself. It is the beginning of Yoga that goes beyond Asana and Pranayama. By incorporating what you have leaned in class into your life, you will learn to keep up with you heart. You will be able to live a life of your own without straining yourself. Also you will be able to experience becoming into a charming woman each years going by.

Learn the right posture, breathing, and meditation to gain better understanding your self-confidence, lay the foundation for your health, look into yourself, we will work together to enhance our female well-being.

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Toddler Yoga ( 2 to
6 years old)

-Bring out the infinite possibilities-
Children love to move their bodies and they can naturally develop flexibility, strength and coordination while enjoying it. Playing is an important factor for children, connecting Yoga with play and have fun with them. The simple breathing and meditation will help their concentration, calm their emotions, positive thinking and self-expression. Each children has many potentials to manifest in this world. Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation to manifest children’s individual potentialities

What I learn from children by teaching in nursery and after school, is that they are always looking at their own parents especially at the beginning of life. It becomes a habit to do good and bad every day. Therefore, as it is parents roles to give their children what they want, Yoga is not only useful for children but also for you to look at yourself.

Currently I am teaching a nursery and an extra curriculum for after school. Please feel free to contact to me.

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Daddy and Baby Yoga / Family Yoga

-Time to have plenty of contact with your baby-
A busy father can interact with his baby for just one hour, which will deepen the bond between the father and baby and they will allow fathers to participate in parenting with confidence. At the same time it will help him to maintain a healthy physical condition, which is usually lacking during work, and also make him feel better both physically and mentally. It;s a fun class with lots of laughter! I do it on request.

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All of Yoga above are help in class system, but I am
also held in private. Please contact me more detail.



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