It is my aim to share yogic wisdom and make this a part of daily life. During pregnancy, you will notice many subtle changes in the body, you may experience emotional vulnerability. There will be more changes and challenges to come after the birth. The practice of yoga can help throughout pregnancy, at the birth, and throughout your whole life enabling you to take the change positively, peacefully. Yoga is balance, which develops a sensitive awareness that adjusts to each shifting moment.

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Yoga practices focus not only on physical health during pregnancy but also the cultivation of peace in mind. Yoga increase your own awareness of your body, mind and emotion. Through regular practice you develop a sense of confidence and positivity about pregnancy and in your innate abilities to give birth.

Modified yoga asanas (postures) and breathing exercises energise and relax you and can relieve common discomfort of pregnancy (eg, back pain, oedema, breathlessness, sleeping dificulties).

Your health and emotional welfare is reflected in the development of your child. In this regard, relaxation and meditation practices are very important during pregnancy to minimise emotional inbalance and create a harmonious environment for the child.

Pregnancy is the special time for you to prepare for the transformation from womanhood to motherhood and is a chance for spiritual renewal.


Thorough regular practice of breathing and relaxation you will be able to access easily into your own centre and listen to your own heart and intuition, so that you know that woman's body is created to give birth naturally and normally and you will be able to give birth so beautifully and healthily.

Connecting to your rhythmic breath duirng labour, you will enjoy the experience of child birth which also helps to minimize discomfort and to avoid fear and pain.

Your baby knows the stages of birth and yoga prepares you to surrender to the natural course of the birth.


The class is designed to learn how to practice yoga along with your baby.

Postures and breathing exercises are specifically designed for the postnatal months, helping your body regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way.

Practicing yoga with your baby offers playful stimulation including touching, moving, holding, and talking that brings deep contentment to your baby and also builds a strong bond with your baby.

Relaxation is important for you at this demanding time in your life. Relaxing with your baby together, balances your physical needs and emotional state.

Yoga also help you to connect with your own inner self and move through this extraordinary transition with awareness.

The class provides a very freiendly environment and you can comfort your baby for example feeding and changing nappies anytime during the lesson. It is also a great place to make friends with new mothers.


Family yoga is for children above two years to teenage years and their mothers/fathers.

For children under 5, bonding, enjoying and playing physically together is the main aim for this age group. For children above 5, explore yoga with your children and yourself together.

Yoga promotes a growing child development physically, emotionally and psychologically. Children can blossom into healthy and well balanced human with strong bodies, clear minds and pure hearts.

Regular practice of yoga can help you/your children to maintain harmony within yourself and create a foundation of well biing and healthy lifestyle.

You and your children will have fun doing yoga together. The relationship will gain in compassion and bond will strenghen between you.


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