midwife words

Words from Midwife

The words from the midwife who I worked together at each birth.
I will keep adding on.

★ It's been a pelasure to work with. Junko is looking after during labour. Junko was very supportive and able to have a strong relationship with the woman. She gave very good advise to A and helped her a lot during labour, breastfeeding and after birth. Junko is a great doula!!
(Ilaria at Royal free hopsital July '22)

I worked with Junko today caring for a lady that MLD care in her pregnany. Junko attended all of the antenatal appointment which was hugely beneficial as our clients first language was not English.

During the labout Junko was so supportive and helpful, not only to our client but to me. She helped keep our client calm in a stressful situation and worked as part of the team. She is so calm and caring and a great presence to have in the room for labour + delivery. (Katie at Portland hospital May '22)

Junko is the frist doula I've met and she was a wonderful support the mum today. She explanined things well to mum and help her calm through out her delvierly-particulary as baby's dad couldn't on the ward today. (Muddy student douctor at Rosie hosptial, Cambrige May '22)

Junko is an amazing doula, who mainly provides birth support for Japnaese ladies. Her expereince is so valued alongs the midwives and mothers. I had pleasure to work with her many times.

She is very caring and calm in her apporach. I find her very easy to work with and her presnece is always welcome. She offers a lot of practical support for
mummies and babies. (Aggie Queen charlottes hopstial March '22)

Junko support today with client was excellent. Good advocate and very reassuring, supported client holistically. Making sure client is caring and having snacks very kind and can recommend all other clients. (Maria at Queen charlottes Feb'22)

Junko was extremely supportive and kind. Lovely to interact with. She treated mum and baby like her family. Going about and beyond to support them in early aspect of commucation and care. Many thanks for your help. (Daisly at John Redcliffe hosptial, Oxford Jan'22)

It was wondeful to have Junko here today for the delivery. Her translation skill were first rate. Many thanks. (Becky at John Redcliffe hospital Oxford Jan'22)

Junko was very supportive tonight! She cared a lot for the woman and helped her throughout labout, delviery and postnatally. She has a warm kind nature and was pleasure to work with! (Marisa at Barnet hopstial Jan'22)

Junko has been a precious help during H's labour and delivery. She helped the woman to get comfortable and created a calm and realxing environment. She was also very helpful to overcome the language barrier between H and mywelf. It's been lovely to work with her!! (Alice at West Middlesex Nov'21)

It was a pleasure to work alongside Junko in supporting M during labour. Junko was kind, friendly, senstive and an excellent communicator with both M and the birth centre staff. Junko was a true advocate for M at every step of the way. The bond and mutral respect was lovely to watch. Many thanks and Best wishes! (Emily Oct'21)

I really enjoyed working alongside Junko. She was really supportive to the woman during labour and ensured she advocated for all her wishes. She also tried to carry out the birth plan as much as possible, even if/when intervention was advised. Following deviery, her suuport the woman during feeding was really helpful to aid a good latch and suucessful feeding.(Holly Royal free hospital Oct'21)

Junko has been very supportive, listens to the woman's needs and she is able to build a strong relationship with the woman! Junko has also looked after baby while mum was in theater! Fantastic Doula! (Alice at UCLH hosptial Sep'21)

Found Junko a pleasure to work with! She supported the woman amazingly and put her at ease through labour. I can see she is able to build such a strong bond with her clients and I definately benefit from her presnece. I would love to work with Junko again and really appreciate her hlep tonight : )
(Emily UCLH hosptial Sep'21)

I throuhgly enjoyed working with Junko on labour ward. She has been so supportive and listens to the clients wihses and needs. Junko promotes normality of birth with use of mibilisation, reinforcement, aromatherapy, hypnobirthning, meditation and hydration. Junko is a fantastic doula! (Xhara at UCLH hopstial Aug'21)

I found Junko to be very supportive, knowlegeble and a great resource as able to translate to client. It was a pleasure to work with Junko. The cilent was very relaxed in her presence. (Dawn at UCLH Aug'21)

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