Congratulations for your pregnancy!
Congratulations for your birth!

Women helping each other during childbirth has been passed down
from generations almost all around the world.

I wish that all woman have confidence during birth,
that family members and woman feel at ease,
that both family members and woman experience a satisfied birth,
and that the family will build a harmonious home.

I am dedicated to support woman from conception to birth and beyond
so that you will attain fulfilment and joy of motherhood.

Also, I will support the healthy growth of babies and children.
As that is my role as a Yoga teacher and Doula.

- Birth Doula: supporting women for childbirth to immediate postnatal

-Pregnancy Yoga classes for all stages of pregnancy

- Birth preparation for mothers and partners

- Mother and Baby Yoga classes

- Well woman Yoga class for specialised all through women’s life

- Toddlers & children (2- 6 years) Yoga classes

- Individual one-to-one Yoga session

- Daddy and Baby Yoga workshop

All classes and Doula services are held in London

"You are the Self. The Self is already Realized. Just Be it"
Ramana Maharshi

"To Change the world we must first change the way was born"
Michael Odent


Timetable and floor for Portland Yoga classes have changed.
Please check it!

(Text renewal December 2022)
tel/fax: 07973 830074