Doula is a woman who helps another woman and her partner before, during and beyond childbirth. Doula supports and facilitates the wants and needs of both parents towards achieving a satisfying and positive experience of birth.

Women helping women through childbirth has been passed on from ancient time almost everywhere in the world.There is growing evideince that one-to-one support from another woman during pregnancy and labour is hugely beneficial. Women often have shorter labour, decreased chances of caesarean, less need for pain medication and greater satisfaction with their births. Her presence can be encouraging for the partner and enable him to participate at the level at which he is comfortable.

I believe a childbirth is a normal and empowering process, it is a cerebration of life and hope. Mother and baby need to be protected as the beautiful beginning is the most significant experience of both of their lives.

As a doula, my goal is to provide continuous emotional reassurance and comfort and encoulage you to feel confident in your natural ability to give birth. Doulaing is "labour of Love " for me.

Practicing and teaching Yoga in a traditional manner over the years, I understand the importance of breath. Breath can help you to get through the most difficult time in your labour, I experienced this in on my own labour, and have witnessed its positive effect on many mothers. Using my experience and sensitivity I guide you to connect your breath encouraging you to listen to you inner guidance and to find your inner peace.

It is previlege for me to share the happiness and the miracle of birth with you.
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