what to eat - Body and mind changes depend on food

-Living is Eating-
It is certain that eating habits can be the cause of diseases, the prevention of diseases and improvement of diseases. It is also said that human beings have multiple layers, so the most everyday thing to eat can affects their lives and destiny. I want people, especially for those who raises children, to face food seriously. Isn’t it the parent’s responsibility to manage the physical and mental health of children who live by believing in what they are given are right without any doubt? I often ask myself whether the idea of giving what they want is satisfying and happy for both parents and children. By thinking of the value of food, what you chose and how you eat will start to change.

-Japanese"Itadaki masu"-
Eating doesn’t just end your hunger. In Japanese “Itadaki masu” means “I will accept this life”. It is an expression of gratitude to the source of it life. At the same time, it is the gratitude to the many people who have cooked the meals and raised us. All of our lives are connected and we are alive in this world through this great life and we are all one part of this life. I think “itadaki masu” is an uniqueness of Japan.

-Improvement of food-
If you think you diet isn’t balanced right now this is a good chance to review your diet for yourself, your baby and your family. It is absolutely necessary to switch your mind and thought in order to change bad eating habits. Improving your eating habit means having an awareness of how you live and looking for something that will suits your health. There may be ignorance. If you think something is not good for you, you can put what you think is good into action. As you increase your knowledge of your body and the wisdom of foods, what you choose will become the true food for your health. I am always studying this.

-Origin of food is your house-
It is important to notice that you will feel better when your diet is organised in your life. Gradually, you will feel what your body needs. You will also have the pleasure of making your meal. The origin of food is the home kitchen. If you can share the joy of making, eating and tasting with your families and develop the feeling of preciousness of life through food, you will surely lead your children to fulfil their life.

“Delicious” “Happy” “Thank you”

There is plenty of information about food and diet. The basic way of eating in Yoga, the basics of eating habits that I have been finding in my motherhood are listed below. If you have time to read, please refer to the following. The food should work with a relaxed mood without being too nervous. Meals are an everyday and meals are necessary to live. That is why I think “Delicious” “Happy” “Thankful” are important.

-Eat meals suitable for environment in which you were born-
You can understand the diet of animals by looking at the shape of their teeth and the length of their intestines. It is said that vegetarian food is suitable for the human body because;
1, 20 molars out of 32 adult teeth are for breaking down, the lower jaw can move freely from side to side,
2 the development of intestinal vill,
3 one of the first digestive enzymes are secreted in the mouth which is the enzyme amylase (putialine) .
In addition, Japanese people have eaten grains and vegetables centred on rice since ancient times.

-Eat seasonal food form the land you live-
The human body adapts in close contact with the climate and environment of the land in which you live. You will create a heathy body that is suitable for the land and season by eating seasonal foods from the land you live in. Nature produces the food that is needed at that time. Seasonal foods are fresh, nutritious and delicious. The locally produced seasonal ingredients are economical and cheap.

-Eat whole, eat gratefully-
We cherish all the life of plants and animals. We thank the divinity for all living things. Eating whole helps you to gain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals fibre and other active ingredients without being thrown away. For example, we eats radish all roots, leaves and skins, wheat as whole grain. Eating whole foods retain important nutrients and active ingredients.

-Reduce processed and instant foods-
If you look at the labels of processed products, in ready made food you will find the chemical names or additives that you would not normally hear. Most food additives such as preservatives and colours do not have a positive effect on the body. Choosing fresh ingredients and changing the quality of what you eat everyday is beneficial for your health.

-Choose as pesticide free ingredients as possible-
It is obvious that pesticides are bad for you. It is said that organic food are nutritious. Recently, organic vegetables have become easy to obtain. If the prices are too high or organic vegetables are not available I recommend washing the vegetable with baking soda. Although there is no evienece, washing vegetables with slighly alkaline baking soda will help to againt acidic pesticides.
(Method: Put the water in a bowl, add 2 tsp of baking soda. Soak the vegetable for about 30 seconds and rinse)

-Modest sugar-
Excessive use of sugar may waken the immune system and cause emotional instability.

-Eat until 80% full-
As it is sad that “There is no disease on 80% full”, good digestion is the basic of good eating. Yoga/Ayuruveda recommends to bite 32 times. The more you chew, the more saliva you produce, which is rich in digestive enzymes. This enzyme help digestion and reduces the burden of the body. By chewing more a full stomach signal is transmitted to the satiety centre and prevents overeating. It is said that “Meal is meditation”, so let’s enjoy the taste in a calm manner.

-Eat with the whole family-
I think many people have experienced the blandness of eating alone. Having a good meal with the whole family is an important daily activity to build a happy family.

I am sure that your real food brings family together
and makes everyone smile!

-For newly daddy and busy Mum-
The first thing I want a father to do is cooking immediately after the post natal! It is for the mother and for you to eat every day. The mother has to have total concentration on her baby for the first few days and weeks, so even if she cares about you she is not be able to cook anything. It is really good idea to increase your recipes before the baby is born. I have reopened the post natal meal blog, which are very easy and quick recipes, so please look at it and also it is useful for busy mothers.



-Yoga diet -(MITAHARA)-
Here are some Yoga/Ayuruvedic diets for those who want to deepen their Yoga, Meditation and maximise their spirituality. It is good to know as knowledge or you can try it from what you can do.

Do not eat for 2 hours before or after Asana. (pause)
Do not drink water immediately before, during or after eating,
Have your largest meal at lunch time. (digestion is most active at lunch time)
3 meals a day and eat at regular times.
Don’t eat left over, overnight food.
Use only fresh ingredients. (do not eat canned foods or frozen foods)
Don’t take onions, garlic, alcohol, caffeine, meat, fish, eggs.
Take easy digestive food such as vegetables, fruits, milk, ghee, nuts and little grain.
Concentrate only on eating. Don't eat while thinking, while doing something.
Eat in silence.
Chew well.
Eat 80% of full
Give thanks and prayer before and after eating. Give them to God first.
Don’t eat in vain.
Don’t eat force
Don’t eat when emotional


About breatfeeding 〜the best drink on earth〜

Nothing is better than the mother's breast milk for a baby. Breast milk has many good points. Substances in breast milk protect your baby from harmful bacteria and viruses. Breast milk also contains ingredients that helps the brain and nerves develop. Children who are only breastfed are less likely to have an allergy. The baby will also learn to feel live by boding his/her mother by drinking breasts.

There are many benefits for mother as well. If you have breastfed the newborn the less lochia (breeding uterus) will occur and the uterus will return to its original size sooner. Your weight will return soon. It also helps prevent maternal illness. Breastfeeding mothers are know to be less likely to have breast cancer. It also prevents ovarian cancer, breast infections and osteoporosis. Moreover, breastfeeding saves a great deal of time, money and effort comported to artificial milk.

A baby looks for her mother’s breast just after being born for about 20 minuets. Many mothers, not only me, experienced the feeling of “motherhood” deeply in their breastfeeding that is the bond with you and your child and mother can provide the joy. There is no doubt that milk is great for babies and mothers. However, many mothers who know the beauty of breastfeeding may not be able to get the proper information and assistance or may have problems, therefore give up breastfeeding.
Feeding your baby with breasts is a natural thing but can be a daunting task. It is a waste to give up the blessings of nature.

I support breastfeeding right after giving birth such as latching and holding. If you continue to have trouble I will introduce a special breastmilk consultant.
(As a doula, I have information on mixed feeding breast and formula milk.)

Breathing volunteer group such as La Leche League and Association of Breast Feeding Mother have a helpline and always accept telephone consultations. Breastfeeding gathering also known as Baby Cafes offer help in many boroughs. This is a place where mother who are enjoying breastfeeding can gather together to exchange information or share any concerns. You can receive advice from a breastfeeding specialist. In the first breastfeeding, there are many things that you may not understand and everyone has various problems. In such a case, don’t worry alone use NHS, Helpline, gathering etc.. to consult with professionals.


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