Eating is the foundation of health. During pregnancy and after the birth you eat not only for yourself but also for your baby's optimum health. It's a time to recognize and change your old bad habits and to eat healthy, nutritional food and also to enjoy cooking for the family. Below is a basic summary of balanced eating.

COOK AND EAT AT HOME - you and your kitchen is the heart of health for your family.

EAT SEASONALLY - reconnect with nature cycles. Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious.

EAT FRESH - Fresh food has more vital energy than frozen or canned food.

EAT WHOLE - wholemeal, unrefined foods have higher nutritional value

EAT ORGANIC WHEN POSSIBLE- organic food is less chemical and more nutritious

EAT WITH APPRECIATION - all foods have life force

EAT 3/4 IN STOMACH & CHEW WELL - this knowledges of healthy eating has been passed down commonly from the East

READ LABELS - do you want to put something unknown and harmful into you, your baby and children?

EAT TOGETHER AS A FAMILY - eating together is important! Preparing, cooking and sharing good food leads to a happy home.


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I organise an informal cooking session for mothers. It encourages and gives confidence to mothers to cook fresh foods from scratch, thereby facilitating improvements in the diet and health of the family. It can be for groups or individuals. We plan the menus together according to your need such as desserts for allergic children, non dairy meals or quick snacks for children etc. Then I visit your kitchen and prepare healthy, nutritious meal. I also talk about the many tips regarding optimal healthy eating. My cooking is based on vegetarian, both dairy and non-dairy can be prepared. I also specialized in herbal cooking based on chinese traditional medicine, which involoves Yin/Yang balanced meals. We can prepare the meal according to your/your family's health conditions. Please call me or send me an e-mail if you would like more info and organise a cooking session.
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