Birth Preparation Class

The birth preparation class is a lecture for pregnant woman and their husband / partner to learn and understand about births more accurately and to prepare their mind and body for a birth in the UK. It is a structure that will allow you to learn, both visually and mentally, while actually moving and experiencing it. I will tell you about the real birth experiences so that you will not panic in the actual birth, and I support you in both English and Japanese. I do the birth preparation at around your 34th week of pregnancy. *Birth preparation is included for those who hire the doula*

Truth of birth (body, mind, spirit)
Female body and hormones related to childbirth
Baby position (Optimal position)
About Pelvic balance
Various ways to relieve pain
The role of the partner
It is birth?
Flow of birth
Poster and movement
Breathing method
Posture and movement during delivery
Breathing methods during delivery
3rd Stage. Placenta and Umbilical cord
Breast milk
Care for the baby after the birth
Pain relief by drugs
About Induction
When birth does not proceed smoothly including c-section

In addition to the list above, I will also talk about content that will support your particular needs.

For example:
★Home birth
★VVAC (Caesarean section was the first childbirth but the next attempt is to give birth naturally, which is the mainstream in UK)
★Breech baby
★Twin Birth

I recommend attending class for couples who are especially worried about childbirth, couples who only have knowledge of your country related birth, so that you can have more sufficient knowledge. As a doula, I have and I am experiencing various births, such as NHS hospitals in London, Portland hospital (private), Private hospital inside the NHS, home births etc. In addition, I understand the birthing system in England and the latest information on birth with scientific evidence, so I think it will be useful for those who are thinking to have a birth in London.

Classes take place at your home on weekends. Reservation can be made for individuals (1 couple) or groups (several couples). Generally classes are 3 to 4 hours. We will talk about the preparation for childbirth and simple breast feeding after birth and next time we will talk about breast feeding in detail with only the mother.

If necessary we can talk using Skype to divide the session.

Please feel free to contact me by email.

tel/fax: 07973 830074