-About me-
I was intrigued and interested in childbirth because of my blissful pregnancy and joyful childbirth that I experienced. Both my daughter and son were born at the birth centre at Queen Charlottes hospital. I wrote a birth plan to use the birth pool, so the pool was prepared without any fuss and my daughter slipped out into the warm water within 30 minuets after the pool was prepare by one midwife and my husband. When I had my son, I myself called the hospital and the taxi. He also slipped down within 15 minuets after the arrival at the hospital by one midwife and my husband and my daughter who was 2 years 8 months. In my son’s case it started with the breaking of my water at home, and it took about 5 hours from the breaking of water to delivery. In both births, I didn’t have to do any internal examinations and did not need sutures. They were both wonderful births that was completely entrusted to the great power of following the natural flow.

Childbirth is probably the most striking and creative event in a woman’s life. My two births were an unforgettable experience in my life. The feelings, such as the joy of hugging my child, the strength as a mother that I feel from the bottom of my heart, protection for this child no matter what will happen and the relief and comfort I feel wrapped in great love and the exuberant motherhood emanating from me immediately after childbirth are still deeply engraved in my heart. These feelings helped, and are still doing so in raising my children. Also, during the 9 months gestation period, I was able to feel the life growing rapidly in my body regardless of my will and I was able to naturally notice the sense of unity.

I think giving birth and being born are the same as in life. The body, breath, thoughts and the law of universe etc are intricately intertwined, so giving birth cannot be exactly how you want. However, it was thanks to the sincere daily practice of Yoga that I had a wonderful pregnancy and childbirth. (Please see Yoga page for details). Then, I realised that I could do something for other woman by sharing what I found and I began to support women as a Doula and as a Yoga teacher.

When I started doula I though that is it! That is why I didn’t think much about working with Yoga and doula, but now I can say that these two are the strongest combination. Certainly, the act of love with mother as a doula is the road to Yoga. As a doula, I am involved in everything from pregnancy to childbirth and I can bring back what I learnt to Yoga classes in order to share with the mothers and me. I think that this is what I am the one who these two are together.

Dr Michael Odent, an obstetrician who is a pioneer of natural and underwater birth and has faced numerous natural births, also the teacher of Doula. He emphasised that “No preparation is necessary. The important thing is to be confident in your natural ability to give birth during pregnancy and to bring out the true power of giving birth”

Until now, I have been working with hundreds of pregnant women, mothers and babies along with about 180 births. I think the mysterious power of a woman’s birth are the sacred energy of the birth of babies. By believing in this power 100%, I am always thinking about what I can do for pregnant women, babies and mums.

A short poem that unravel the mystery of the creation of the universe is at the beginning of Shanti Path of Upanishad. The name of this web “Poorna” is taken from this poem. It is one of my favourite mantras.

poornamada, poornamidam
poornaat poornamudachyate
poornasya poornamaadaaya

A woman becomes a mother and her motherhood blooms. It can be said that childbirth is a sacred ritual that draws out the hidden power of women. Poorna= perfect, Matri = mother/ motherhood that every woman has.
A gentle, warm, forgiving, wrapping, naturing and love. Can I pull out what is sleeping in a woman who cannot quite notice it? I hope that every pregnant woman can give birth with confidence and experience it healthily and happily.
I hope the baby will be born in the best possible situation. I really do hope this.

-About revision in 2020-
The contents of this website were newly rewritten in June 2020 when I noticed that I hadn't changed it for nearly five years. I have been wanting to change and I finally had the time to reread and review the content because of coronavirus closure. I also wanted to inform you that I had a brain surgery on 23 May 2019.

Around this time last year, I suddenly and unexpectedly had a sharp headache at the back of my head. I thought this wasn’t normal so I immediately called the hospital and was rushed to the A&E. After several examination, the doctor told me that the news wasn’t so good and said I had to do further investigations the following day. However, with the doctor’s discretion, a surgery with general anaesthesia took place instead of an examination. I remember lying on the bed with the nurse’s voice in the operation room as my last memory, but I have no memory after that. Later on I heard that it was a five hours operation. After the surgery, I went to the ICU for about a week, then moved to a larger room and stayed at the hospital for about a month.

Since I had slept in the hospital bed for about a month, I lost weight and my muscle strength. Now I can laugh when I remember my kids saying “ Look at the mummy’s calves without muscles!” my calves were so thin and floppy. When I tried to get up I had some pain in my hips, I could barely stand without holding furnitures.

Even if I moved my head a little, I felt like I was sea sick, so I could barely go to the toilet from my bed. For a while, I couldn’t take a bath by myself, I asked my family to wash my hair and body and cook all my meals. I looked at people walking on the road, people who were riding their bicycles, people who drove cars and people that can be seen outside the window and I couldn't imagine when I would be able to be like them.

About two weeks after I got home, I though I should not be stuck in this condition and decided to start by practicing simple Asanas. I raised my legs while grasping on furniture or extended my back grasping a chair. At first, I couldn’t balance at all and I could’t even walk straight. My daughter encouraged me by saying “Mum try to squat 300 times a day, try hard” I could barely do 30 squats. In the old days I could do 300 a day. However, I found that by performing Asanas every day, I improved little by little, so I encouraged myself each day and continued. I could not comfortably move my head, even a little to the side but slowly I could gradually do Asanas: stand, sit, lie down.

Another thing I had to do was cook for my family. When I got home I was asked to prepare three meals as I couldn’t cook lunch box for my children for more than a month. That was something like my own will, so I decided to start making their lunch box. When I stood in the kitchen for the first time, I remember sweating from my face. It takes 15 minuets to cook normally but at that time it took more than 30 minuets. I realised as time gradually went by it become more normal.

If you were wondering, my diagnosis is called AVM (cerebral arteriovenous malformation). It is coursed by congenital blood vessels. I later found out that the rate of bleeding like me with AVM is 2 to 3 % a year, and some of them cause hemiplegia and death. I was told from the Doctors that I was lucky to survive. I didn'

t understand what luck meant because I felt so shaky at the time.

It was in the middle of September, 3 & 1/2 moths after the surgery, that I cold finally go out alone. At last when I finally started to recover, I was given a message from Japan that my mother was not well. After talking with my family, I decided to go back to Japan with my daughter at the end of November, to spend some time with my mother. These were the last cherished moment and my mother passed a way on December 11th. It was just two days after I returned to England. Immediately I returned to Japan to participate in my mother’s funeral.

Looking back at 2019, many things happened in our lives all at once. Now I feel like I am reborn agin because of the surgery and my mother’s death.

I am sorry for those who were worried about me and thank you very much. Now, Yoga class and Doula have resumed without any problems. I can now move up and down the Tube escalator easily as before!

Third baby...


Junko Miura-Mainali biography

Born in Japan. Lives in the UK since 1988. In the sixth grade, She decided to go to London which was her first dream and made it after graduating from university. After living in London for the first time, she studied history of arts at Southerly’s and New Academy of Art and got the Western art history diploma.

Immediately after that, she decided to work for a London-based TV/Vide production, coordination company that she had never predicted before and entered the world of media. Four years later she became a freelancer and at the same time studied photography and accrued the BTEC higher diploma for photography.

For 10 years she had been active as a coordinator, writer and photographer and worked for fashion magazines (Figaro, Vogue, an-an, Mr High Fashion, Soen, Men’s nono, Smar, Cutie Mc sisters etc), TV and Advertising. Travelling to more than 20 countries including Europe, Scandinavia and Africa and visited Nepal on the last solo trip, she met a true Yogi and experienced a holistic traditional Yoga, that made a turning point in her life. She lived in Nepal for half a year and practiced Yoga in earnest and qualified as an instructor.

Having worked under Dr Robin Monro for the first Yoga Therapy Centre in UK and her wonderful experience of giving birth, she learnt from Dr Francoise Barbilla Friedman and Dr Uma Dinsmore Tuli, the leading Yoga teacher, Dr Michelle Odent, obstetrician for natural birth, Ms Janet Balaskas, funder of the Active Birth movement, then she became a Yoga teacher for women in London since 2004.

She has been teaching Yoga specialised in Women such as Pregnancy, Mum & baby, Post-natal and Well woman Yoga at portland hospital which is the only private obstetrics and gynaecology hospital in London.

She worked as a Doula since 2010. She was the Doula UK’s first Japanese doula. She has helped about 180 women so far from the pregnancy, birth and after birth throughout.

In Nepal, she established a government approved Yoga retreat centre “Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya For Life Research” with her Yogi husband and is teaching to people from all over the world to deepen their Yoga practice. With a husband who is always watching over her, a daughter and a son who always send more love than a mother gives, she devotes herself to a simple Yoga life in the centre of London.

tel/fax: 07973 830074