My name is Junko Miura-Mainali. I was immersed in yoga 15 years ago when I spent time in a community in the Himalayas, that lives and breathes the ancient traditions. I have undergone sadhana (spiritual practices) and various training in Yoga. Since then as now Yoga is the way of life for me which helps me to live harmonious life.

My two blissful birth experiences were the most siginificant events in my life. Both were completely drug-free, gentle and positive. I felt a sense of achievement, confidence and a love that deeply touched my heart. It gave me an insight into how really empowering birth can be.

As I felt deeply the benefit of practicing yoga during my own pregnancy and postnatal period, I decided to teach yoga to mothers thus sharing the wisdom of yoga. I qualified at Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana in India and at Yoga Biomedical Trust/Birthlight in UK.

After spending a lot ot time with pregnant ladies, mothers and babies, my passion to support women grew, which lead me to became a Doula. I have completed doula-training with Dr Michel Odent and Lilliana Lomas and became a member of Doula UK. I also qualifed to teach Active Brith trained with Janet Balaskas.

All I do is sharing what I have discovered up to now. I am simply passing on with honestly what I have discovered either for myself or from being and working with others and am striving to learn something new everyday. I love my work and love the energy that is generated by beine with pregnant ladies, mothers and babies. 

I am also a qualified herbal cookery advisor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

tel/fax: 07973 830074