Congratulations for your pregnancy!

Women helping each other during childbirth has been passed down
from generations almost all around the world.

I wish that all woman have confidence during birth,
that family members and woman feel at ease,
that both family members and woman experience a satisfied birth,
and that the family will build a harmonious home.

To involve consistently and deeply Pregnancy-Childbirth-Postnatal period.


To Guide each person's birth to be able to experience SELF.

To be with you.

These are my role as a Yoga teacher and Doula.

“Since ancient time, the female body has been designed to give birth to a child"

A mother continue wrapping her baby in her womb for 9 months will grows love with her baby and at the same time she will be able to accept herself honestly and easily. Also, the experience of going through childbirth will blossom the kindness and strength as a mother. These are the natural isnsticts for all mamals.

During pregnancy, it is great to have a broad understanding of your possibilities so that you can give birth on your own way. This is my one of my prenatal role as a doula. Together with you, we will deepen our understanding and strengthen our mutual trust.

When the time comes to give birth, I will give maximum support for you to give birth in the way you like instinctively. I make the best use of wisdom through my knowledge, experience and observation. For example, I will encourage you, I will be the bridge between you and the medical staff, and go through the childbirth with you together.

If you're unsure of your instinct or inner self, yoga is a great way to focus on your body, breath, thoughts and emotions. By looking inside of yourself, your consciousness will become clearer and stronger. You feel confident your body to give birth. Your senses and insticts are awaken.

During a woman's life, the pregnancy and childbirth is a great opportunity to manifest the potential ability. This is because women naturally have the ability to create and nurture the life. Therefore, following your instincts during pregnancy and childbirth will make easier and safer for your birth.

No matter how much knowledge you get from others, only you can understand yourself. Also, the action that only you can do by yourself. Because “You are the only one in the world!". You can connect to yourself and to the Origin. Awareness that you enhance for your childbirth will be a treasure of a your lifetime.


- Birth Doula: supporting women for childbirth to immediate postnatal

-Pregnancy Yoga classes for all stages of pregnancy

- Birth preparation for mothers and partners

- Mother and Baby Yoga classes

- Well woman Yoga class for particularly around menopuase

- Toddlers & children (2- 6 years) Yoga classes

- Individual one-to-one Yoga session

- Daddy and Baby Yoga workshop

- Completly understanding "Plevic floor" through lecture
and practice course with physiotherapist!

All classes and Doula services are held in London

"You are the Self. The Self is already Realized. Just Be it"
Sri Ramana Maharshi (Rishi in India)

"To Change the world we must first change the way was born"
Michael Odent
(French obstetrician)

"Birth is a great work of nature that cannot be pursued by science."
Tadashi Yoshimura (Japanese obstetrician)


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